Would I want to be re-elected?

I’ll get this out of the way early, but I’m hands-down a supporter of Obama.  Compared to the competition, he’s our best alternative.  He might not be perfect, and one could argue that the Green Party candidate is a better person, but in my opinion he’s the best, realistically-viable candidate we have.

Unfortunately, his last debate performance was lack-luster and tired.  I’m going to add to the ocean of conjecture that is the Internet and wonder if maybe he’s just sick of it all; maybe he doesn’t really want to be elected again.  I know I would be pretty sick of the way people have been acting towards me if I were him.

He is consistently blamed for problems caused by his predecessors or by things he can’t control, his solutions often perform well but are viewed negatively or rejected, and on top of that, his opposition will out-and-out lie about him. To make matters worse, I’ve heard from multiple people that they no longer support him because he didn’t live up to his grand campaign promises.  Apparently people want to have their cake and eat it too.  Given the deadlock created by the asshats in Congress, his term got a remarkable amount done. I’m not going to comment much on his foreign policy choices, because I don’t follow that enough but I’m willing to concede that maybe he could have done better there.

Maybe he wants to step out, walk away, and watch the world burn.  I know I’m not a good enough person to selflessly lose another four years to the wolves.