What I’ve been up to

I’m still alive and I’m realizing how hard this blog thing can be.  It’s easy to forget you have to update it and then the rest of your life carries you along.  I have had plenty of times where I thought to myself I could write this up and post it, but then whoosh I’m moving on somewhere else.

For those interested, and as a record of how I’m filling my time, here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • PhD coursework and research at the University of Minnesota.  I’m in my second year, and it eats up a lot of my time.
  • My research is getting pretty exciting, I sent in a paper to SIGGRAPH over the winter so fingers crossed there.
  • In my spare time I still work on my graphics engine and I’ve been pursuing some related work in functional shader languages that should really help move it forward.
  • I volunteer at a high school for their FIRST robotics program and we’re almost done with the build for this years competition.
  • and then there’s all the other healthy balanced life style things like gym, parents, friends, girl friend, and League of Legends.

But rest assured (and 90% of this is reminding my brain of my commitments), I am alive and I have this blog and posts will be made and programming will be done and then written about.