The Beer Reviews

I am currently in Mountain View, CA for the summer for an internship (at a place that almost sounds like poodle). I’ve always liked beer but I figure this will be the first time I’ve been transplanted for long enough to sample the local fair and I might as well record what I’ve tried. Normally I lose track and probably end up double or triple trying something for the first time. If enjoy the process, I’ll continue once I’m back in Minneapolis, MN.

Obviously, I do not condone underage drinking or drinking irresponsibly. I myself tend to do one (maybe two) beers in an outing. Anything after that and you lose track of what it tastes like and that defeats the purpose in my opinion.

Also, I’m no expert in this. I’ll abuse terminology be vague and talk about my feelings this whole process. Maybe by the end I’ll have some consistent way of judging beers but I doubt it. If anything, you’ll get to see a bunch of photos of beer bottles.