My name is Michael Ludwig.  I am a software engineer and have a Ph.D. in computer science, studying under Professor Gary Meyer at the University of Minnesota.  I am interested and passionate about many aspects of software and computer graphics.  My dissertation research focused on characterizing and predicting full appearance differences. This is much like the original work of characterizing color between monitors and printers, but with the added challenges of incorporating 3D shape, texture, pattern, and glossiness. I am currently a software engineer at Google working for the Skia graphics team, and have had summer internships at Google and HP Labs.

On my own time I like to develop computer graphics and video game tools, play video and board games, bike and weight lift, and work on my hobby farm.

All writings and thoughts presented in this blog are my own, completed on my own time, and have no reflection or endorsement from the University of Minnesota, HP Labs, or Google.

lhkbob is short for Lord High King Bob; it is a hold over from the early days of AIM as a child. I think it is important for everyone to keep a bit of their childhood around.

I like statically typed languages.


See my curriculum vitae.

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  1. Jeff Elrod
    Jeff Elrod / 12-6-2020 / ·

    Hey Micheal,

    This is Jeff Elrod. I would like to get some guidance from you on modifying Entreri to work with Java 11. Please help!


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